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JMU Digest: Gangsta Rabbi, Zion80, Nehedar

This will be the monthly(?) feature where I catch up on news stories, album releases, and other things I either missed or didn’t have time to write about. Given my awful procrastination habit, I’ll probably be doing a lot of these.

Gangsta Rabbi Releases New Single for Pesach

Steve Lieberman aka the Gangsta Rabbi recently released “1st Diaspora Egypt“, the fourth single from his upcoming 31st album 2nd King of Jewish Punk, in honorking-of-jewish-punk of Pesach. The 6-minute composition chronicles the Jew’s biblical journey through Egypt, from the sale of Joseph all the way to the 40 years of wandering in the desert. Like all the songs in his King of Jewish Punk series (this album and the previous one), “1st Diaspora Egypt” is a reworking of on from his back-catalog, in this case from his 2009 CD Diaspora: A Folk-Punk History of the Hebrew Nation. You can hear this version on Soundcloud (below) or Soundclick. The new album is scheduled for release June 3.

Zion80 Crowdfunding New EP, Singles

Jon Madof’s afro-klezmer outfit Zion80 have zion80-krakow-by-pawel-mazur-mini2taken to PledgeMusic to fund their upcoming Warriors EP, as well as two new singles, both to be released in late 2017 on Chant Records. As of this writing, the campaign is at 62% of its goal with 22 days remaining. You can check it out and donate to it here.

Nehedar Releases New Album Hello Abyss

a4054393506_16Indie-pop songstress Nehedar released her latest album, Hello Abyss, last month (March 15). It is currently available on Bandcamp, so you can check it out there.

Video: Nehedar, “The Story”

Nehedar recently released an official video for her single “The Story“, directed by John Bezark. The song is from her new album Hello Abyss, which drops on Wednesday and will be heralded by a killer release party at The Bowery Electric on the same day.

Nehedar “Hello Abyss” Release Concert

NYC indie artist Nehedar (Emilia Cataldo) will host a release concert for her new album Hello Abyss at The Bowery Electric on Wednesday, March 15. Supporting acts will include PERL, Blanket Statementsein, and Fierce Love. Tickets can be purchased here.

Hello Abyss will be the eighth of Nehedar’s albums, all of which have been independently released. You can hear her latest single, “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart”, below: